General Questions

Why MasExcel?

Because the world would be a better place with strong minded and strong body men. The world needs men like you to stand up and take action. Its bigger then just me and you. This is more then just fitness. When you have a strong mindset and a strong body you can be the man your family needs. You can be capable of handling the stress to become successful in life. We want to see you succeed and become the best version of yourself. MasExcel can get you prepared for your next steps in life. Stay Committed and NEVER give up. We got work to do G.

Program Questions

How do I access the programs?

Once you buy a program you then have to go to the my programs page and make an account. Once you do that you will have access to whatever programs you bought.

Do I need equipment for the home programs?

No. All the workouts are bodyweight exercise's ONLY.

How do I get a refund?

As our fitness courses are digital and instantly accessible upon purchase, MasExcel does not offer any returns or refunds. Once a purchase is completed, it is considered final.

To view our refund policy page go to the bottom of our site and click refund policy or type in the url below.

Support Questions

How do I contact support?

You can either go to our contact page at the top and fill out a form and we will answer any questions you may have, or you can go to our contact information page at the bottom and send us an email. You can contact us directly at or you can message our instagram @MasExcel with any questions.